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3:46pm 09-24-2012
Paul Howard
Fantastic. This is such a bonus to find your site. I first heard your track " Just one more Dance" in 1969 when 2 older school pupils sang it in a school play. They were 11 years old then. It is a tune that has stayed with me all these years and I now have the chance to share a performance of it myself! I am looking keenly at all your other material. Marvellous!
12:09am 08-31-2012
Kevin Wilson
Hi Esther just got my copy of the Geneva CD and had to tell you how wonderfull it is. Very interesting listening to this cd. The arangements of the songs are great and your voice is, as usual, fantastic. Would love to be at the next concert but not able to make it but maybe will next year. king regards Kevin
2:57am 08-18-2012
Hallo Esther, bin mal wieder auf schöne alte Songs gestossen, aber alt sind diese nicht wirklich......einfach gefühlmässig-mitreisend.... geht unter die Haut. Vielen vielen Dank für die Bilder die meine Gedanken mir projizieren, wenn ich die Songs höre...erlebe.
Viele Grüsse
9:04am 08-11-2012
peter smits
Dear Esther,
I know you over a forty years now, from records and television. Thank you for the music you sing.

Greetings, Peter (the Netherlands)
1:37am 07-29-2012

hab mir heute einige Lieder bei iTunes geladen. Leider war die Seeräuber Jenny nicht dabei.

5:49pm 07-13-2012
Jorgen Rasmussen
You are wrong on the lyrics for It Never was You. It's a pair of hands, to rhyme with lands, not pair of lips. And searching for signs, not suns
12:39pm 07-12-2012
Beverly Rosenstein
First, I am an old fan from the 60's. I have everything you've done and love you. I saw you in Germany many years ago with Abi. Second, you look absolutely gorgeous! And, how is your son? Near Florida? If so, we would love to have him to dinner.
Third, I do want to buy your latest. Which is it please for Americans? I am a little bit confused here on this website. All the luck in the world with regards. Am Israel Chai! Beverly
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