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9:56pm 01-11-2016
I have always loved this song, Took it upon myself today to research it a little and ended up watching dozens of music video versions. I can honestly say, with out a doubt, that the black & white music video of you from the 60's/70's should be protected in a vault for world eternity. Your voice and physical beauty combined is unlike anything I have ever witness. in my life. What I would give to turn the clocks back and watch you sing this song live at that precise moment. Beautiful in every way.
9:41pm 11-19-2015
I remember the song Fraigh Train from the sixties.
Also the show with Rudy Carrell. It was lovely.
6:14pm 11-11-2015
Esther Ofarim's songs are a big part of my early life. Only much later did I see that she was very beautiful.
7:27am 10-26-2015
I dont know who stands behind this amazing site, but you are just great!
thanks a lot,
8:58pm 10-17-2015
Ky Wolfe
U R outstanding wonderful Mrs.Ofarim and I love you since the 60's ! After all these years I need to tell you...
God bless you,
Ky Wolfe
8:36am 10-11-2015
Johan Cnossen
Looking for musical notation of the song Sus Etz
5:27pm 09-01-2015
Wer kann mir sagen DATEN von den sendung Berliner talkshow-1984, wo Esther Ofarim das lied ''Unter deinen weissen sternen'' singt?
8:39pm 08-03-2015
Thank you, Esther (and Abi), for being the sound track of my early teens. I remember your songs fondly and I still appreciate your talents and artistry. Forever a fan!

Martin :-)
12:40am 06-18-2015
Mario Rios Pinot
I heard her sing the Condor song and it was wonderful, thank you.
11:42pm 06-17-2015
I'hav seen your video "El condor pasa" in Spanish, released in the year 1973. For me is the best version I never heard before. Thank you vey much Esther.
2:38pm 06-13-2015
Levi Witchways
Immer wieder herrlich und einfach wunderbar. Vielen Dank ...
12:42pm 06-10-2015
Michael Albry
Thank u Esther and abbi, after 20 years in Canada, I now recall so many songs you and Abbi brought to me. I ❤ you. Thank you for still being around.
1:51pm 06-09-2015
Juha V. Mentu
Gruesse von Finnland! Ich habe heute mich Eures Lied "Prince en Avignon" von sechziger Jahren angehört. Es gäfällt mir immer und immer! Danke!
5:48am 05-15-2015
Shalom, Esther Ofarim,

Such a lovely perfect voice, great songs, great concerts. I love especially
Freight Train, Melodie einer Nacht, The Summerwind.. and more of course. I have two of the original LPs in best conditions.

All the best wishes
Mazel Tov

7:15pm 05-01-2015
Rita Kappert
Liebe Esther! Sie haben eine wunderbare Stimme und persönliche Ausstrahlung; damit berühren Sie jedes Mal, wenn ich Sie höre, mein Herz. Ich wünsche Ihnen Gesundheit, ein langes glückliches Leben und Gottes Segen! Herzlichst Rita Kappert
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