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7:27am 10-26-2015
I dont know who stands behind this amazing site, but you are just great!
thanks a lot,
8:58pm 10-17-2015
Ky Wolfe
U R outstanding wonderful Mrs.Ofarim and I love you since the 60's ! After all these years I need to tell you...
God bless you,
Ky Wolfe
8:36am 10-11-2015
Johan Cnossen
Looking for musical notation of the song Sus Etz
5:27pm 09-01-2015
Wer kann mir sagen DATEN von den sendung Berliner talkshow-1984, wo Esther Ofarim das lied ''Unter deinen weissen sternen'' singt?
8:39pm 08-03-2015
Thank you, Esther (and Abi), for being the sound track of my early teens. I remember your songs fondly and I still appreciate your talents and artistry. Forever a fan!

Martin :-)
12:40am 06-18-2015
Mario Rios Pinot
I heard her sing the Condor song and it was wonderful, thank you.
11:42pm 06-17-2015
I'hav seen your video "El condor pasa" in Spanish, released in the year 1973. For me is the best version I never heard before. Thank you vey much Esther.
2:38pm 06-13-2015
Levi Witchways
Immer wieder herrlich und einfach wunderbar. Vielen Dank ...
12:42pm 06-10-2015
Michael Albry
Thank u Esther and abbi, after 20 years in Canada, I now recall so many songs you and Abbi brought to me. I ❤ you. Thank you for still being around.
1:51pm 06-09-2015
Juha V. Mentu
Gruesse von Finnland! Ich habe heute mich Eures Lied "Prince en Avignon" von sechziger Jahren angehört. Es gäfällt mir immer und immer! Danke!
5:48am 05-15-2015
Shalom, Esther Ofarim,

Such a lovely perfect voice, great songs, great concerts. I love especially
Freight Train, Melodie einer Nacht, The Summerwind.. and more of course. I have two of the original LPs in best conditions.

All the best wishes
Mazel Tov

7:15pm 05-01-2015
Rita Kappert
Liebe Esther! Sie haben eine wunderbare Stimme und persönliche Ausstrahlung; damit berühren Sie jedes Mal, wenn ich Sie höre, mein Herz. Ich wünsche Ihnen Gesundheit, ein langes glückliches Leben und Gottes Segen! Herzlichst Rita Kappert
4:09am 03-31-2015
Lee-Yen Sun
Sorry, Ms. Ofarim, in my last letter, I mistook your name in spelling.
4:07pm 03-20-2015
Herbert Jörges
Liebe Esther.Habe seit Jahren nicht mehr ihre Stimme gehört bis ich jetzt auf You Tube ihr wunderfolles Morning of my Life hörte.Es hat mich sehr berührt und wahnsinnig gefreut Ich möchte mich auf diesem Weg für wunderschöne Stunden mit ihrer Musik bedanken.Herbert´
2:31pm 02-28-2015
Lee-Yen Sun
Dear Ms. Ofraim:

I first listened to your CD, it was ten years ago.
Since then, I collect a lot of them, and now I have
eleven of them.

And at keying in this, I play your "back on stage" in my CD
player. I think it is blessing to listen your CD.

Another talents you have is language, which I really appreciate.
For example, I have spent a lot time on german, but accomplished
Thank your for you singing for the world.

Best Regards,

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