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11:02pm 11-29-2018
einfach wunderbare musik!!!! danke.
3:27am 11-11-2018
Michael Stanton
Dear Esther
We were both born in the same year. I only discoved you and your music yesterday. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE ! I have made up by playing your repertoire all day today.
Warmest greetings from far off New Zealand
6:42pm 10-29-2018
Derek Mead
Esther, Very much looking forward to the event at The Elbphilharmonie on 3rd January and your concert at St Pauli Theater on 5th January. I am still seeking your roses and to seeing you on stage again. Very best wishes.
6:17pm 10-01-2018
Tobias Bartholomä
Sie sind eine der schönsten Frauen die ich je gesehen habe und Sie haben die schönste Stimme der Welt!
Viele Grüße und DANKESCHÖN!
Tobias aus Freiburg
10:22am 08-29-2018
Derek Mead
Esther sang a most wonderful live concert at Kultur im Zelt Braunschweig on 22nd August. It was perfect singing in an atmospheric setting in a cultural city. There were many gentle songs to fit the occasion and I particularly enjoyed 'September Song' a great song and the most perfect of singers. Congratulations Esther and please please many more of the same ! My love and best wishes.
3:24am 08-29-2018
Jason Merrick
Esther, it is a pleasure to discover that you have a website. I first became enamored of your wonderful vocal abilities when I saw you an an episode of 'The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour'. Some time after that, I purchased your record, released at the time of that broadcast, 'Israeli Songs'. It is a magnificent array of vocals and performance. You have been blessed by GOD. Your voice is as pure as two doves flying in the blue sky. May you always have family and love.
11:38am 08-07-2018
Janet Alvarado
I grew up with your music and love it ever since. I also was able to see you and listen to you in Berlin - what a breathtaking voice. The hebrew language sounds wonderfu, I wish I could understand it.
Thank you for continuing - all the best!
7:51pm 08-06-2018
It was by accident(or maybe not!)that by doing a search on one of my favorite Bee Gees songs "Morning of my Life" I find the most angelic voice I have ever heard! Thank you, Esther!
4:30pm 07-04-2018
Josef Cherniawsky
It is a revelation and much joy for me, after so many years away from Israel, to hear the beauty of your voice and singing. Your singing goes straight to my heart: Rakefet, Shecharchoret, Ve'ulay, Pizmon Lekaton, Laila Laila, ... Toda Raba!!! - Yosef
10:58pm 06-13-2018
Peter Moritz
Herzlichen Glückwunsch, liebe Esther,
mein heuer teils dreistimmiges Ständchen,
wie immer umgedichtet und selbst zur Ukulele dargeboten:
Ein Pros(i)t auf die siebte Schnapszahl!
1:09pm 05-31-2018
Katharina Kultalahti
I'm so happy to find this page!
I grew up listening to Esther & Abi Ofarim, and they have had a paramount influence on my own music. A class act together, but equally spectacular on their own.
I'm eternally thankful for their music. Esther's voice is unparallelled in strength and beauty!
9:18am 05-22-2018
Thomas Scholdra
VEREHRTE Frau Ofarim, als lebenslanger Fan Ihrer genialen Stimme, wäre es eine große Freude für mich, wenn die Möglichkeit bestünde, Sie zu meiner Geburtstagsfeier am 03.11.18, in kleinem privaten Kreis (ca. 30 Personen)in
Berlin einladen zu dürfen, (Kosten u.Honorar, selbstverständlich) mit der Bitte, um Gesangs-Vorträge nach Ihrer Wahl (...aber "Thats my song" MUSS dabei sein) BITTE, sagen Sie zu !!! Thomas Scholdra (-Davidsohn), Berlin
3:44am 05-11-2018
I have always loved the song Aspiration and I have the video on my YouTube Playlist called Blotblodi Cultural Mix .I think this woman is very beautiful and special .I wish I knew more of her home life .I live in Fayetteville Tennessee .
6:00pm 05-10-2018
Hans-Jürgen Bracker
Bravo! Ganz vielen Dank für all Ihre Mühe und die tolle website mit den vielen super Beiträgen und infos! Wer Esther noch nicht kennt, wird sie lieben, wenn er sich erst einmal durch die Seite hindurchgeklickt hat.
10:25pm 05-08-2018
ich bin mit Ihrer Musik groß geworden.
Eine Platte lief ständig bei uns zu Hause. " Bonjour Lamour" aus den 60ger Jahren. Die ich bis heute auch noch besitze. Ich grüße Sie ganz herzlich aus Germany .
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