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3:44am 05-11-2018
I have always loved the song Aspiration and I have the video on my YouTube Playlist called Blotblodi Cultural Mix .I think this woman is very beautiful and special .I wish I knew more of her home life .I live in Fayetteville Tennessee .
6:00pm 05-10-2018
Bravo! Ganz vielen Dank für all Ihre Mühe und die tolle website mit den vielen super Beiträgen und infos! Wer Esther noch nicht kennt, wird sie lieben, wenn er sich erst einmal durch die Seite hindurchgeklickt hat.
10:25pm 05-08-2018
ich bin mit Ihrer Musik groß geworden.
Eine Platte lief ständig bei uns zu Hause. " Bonjour Lamour" aus den 60ger Jahren. Die ich bis heute auch noch besitze. Ich grüße Sie ganz herzlich aus Germany .
10:34pm 05-06-2018
Hallo or Shalom,
I send many Wishes from Germany. I like your Music and Voice. Sorry for my english.

Bye Carmen Engert
10:31pm 05-06-2018
Hallo or Shalom,
Sorry for my english. I send you many wishes from Germany. I like your Music and Voice.
8:38pm 05-04-2018
absolutely fabolous,...............eine so starke Stimme gibt es heute selten, eine Neuauflage von 'Morning of my life' wäre ein Traum,.... Thank you for such brilliant performances in those days..........Danke dafür!
4:55pm 05-04-2018
Such a great voice. Have always loved the songs and Cinderella Rockefeller is my favourite one ever since I heard it first many years ago. Not to forget " .. ich dachte Du wärest im Heu..." and all of the others. What a voice anf such great talent. Congratulations
1:29pm 05-04-2018
So wunderful songs ... so wonderful woman ... what a life !! Congratulations!
12:02pm 05-04-2018
Habe eben erfahren, dass Dein langjähriger Partner Abi gestern gestorben ist- traurig, aber er war ja 80 und das ewige Leben hat nunmal niemand.
R.I.P - hoffe, Dir geht es gut- liebe Grüße Dieter
8:46am 03-30-2018
Dear Esther, as a former member of the dutch group Champagne we visit Israël in 1978. We did a tour through your beautiful country and enjoyed our stay very much.
I'm still singing and performing and I like ou to consider to sing a duet with me.
1:53am 03-21-2018
El Condor Pasa. Best performance ever!!
6:02pm 03-07-2018
Dear Esther,

I owe it to my then girlfriend, Dominique, with whom I lived in Paris in 1975 and 1976, for having found you and your wonderful music. The album she played over and over for me was "Esther Ofarim," recorded, I believe, in 1972, still one of my favorites. To this day, I don't know why I didn't buy my own copy! I was trying to find a CD version recently when I discovered "Esther Ofarim in London," which has all of those original recordings and a few extras. I just received my copy today and am listening to it right now. It brings me back to those happy and beautiful days of my youth (I was 24 and 25 then and Dominique was 27). Your music moves me now as much as it did then, maybe even more as I can follow the nuances of your virtuoso vocals and song-styling much more closely now. Thank you for bringing joy to my life way back then at the time of our lives and now again in my senior years!

Love and appreciation,
Elliot (in Ann Arbor, Michigan)
4:10pm 03-05-2018
What a marvellous exciting and atmospheric concert in the St. Pauli Theatre on 25th February. Congratulations to Esther - could she please sing again in London.
11:01pm 02-28-2018
There are no angels. Esther Ofarim is one of them.
9:14am 11-25-2017
I was in Israel during the summer including Nazareth ...but was disappointed you weren’t performing in the country.
Do you still do Israeli concerts ?

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